Sliding Security Doors

Sliding Security Doors


Harlequin Sliding Security Doors offer custom-made protection from intruders while allowing fresh airflow into your home.

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For high quality indoor and outdoor blinds on the Sunshine Coast, look no further than the master blinds manufacturers and custom blind installers at Harlequin.

Supporting locals with purpose-built blinds and awnings suited to the Sunshine Coasts climate, Harlequin take pride in crafting beautiful blinds that last. Reach out to our team today to discuss your indoor and outdoor shade needs. If it’s blinds, we’re you’re one-stop shop on the Sunshine Coast.


Our Security Doors provide good looking, low maintenance protection for your home.

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Our Sliding Security Doors feature Security Grilles made from specially tempered aluminium for greater strength.

  • Adjustment screws face inside the door out of an intruder’s reach.
  • A deadlock is included


A Harlequin Blinds and Security consultant is able to guide you in the complete range of options available.

  • A range of pre-finished colours
  • Tuffscreen mesh
  • Keyed alike to existing doors (if compatible)

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What is a security sliding door?
Security sliding doors are sliding mesh doors made with a tough, durable security grille, so you can open your patio or terrace doors and still maintain airflow while providing a strong deterrent to potential burglars. Constructed from an aluminium alloy frame with solid steel mesh panels, these tough sliding doors can endure all types of weather conditions – making security sliding doors perfect for all seasons on the Sunshine Coast.
How does a security sliding door work?
A security sliding door is a specially designed door that keeps intruders out while giving the homeowner an easy way to quickly lock and unlock it. It functions much like a regular sliding door, but with added features of extra locks and protective plate to help prevent forced entry. A security sliding door has several exterior panels that slot together as the door opens and closes. These panels are typically made of strong, durable materials such as aluminium or steel for maximum safety. In addition, the door has several locking points that create an interlocking system between them – this ensures that the entire opening is secure and cannot be forced open.
What are the benefits of using a security sliding door?
Security sliding doors have many benefits making them a great solution for any home or office looking for reliable security. Not only do they provide improved protection from potential intruders, but they also allow convenience and flexibility by allowing smooth access to the room without opening an entire door. Sliding doors can quickly be opened and closed with minimal effort which saves time in a busy working environment. As an additional benefit, they take up less space than conventional doors while still allowing an easy escape route in case of emergency. Furthermore, security sliding doors have reinforced frames that make them much harder to break open than standard models. These durable and secure doors provide convenient access as well as peace of mind that your property is always safe and secure.
How do I choose the right security sliding door for my home?

Choosing the right security sliding door for your home can seem like a daunting task. There are many factors to consider such as cost, style, and construction materials, as well as whether you would prefer an interior or exterior door. To make sure you get it right, it is important to take time to research the type of door that is best for your needs. Consider factors such as whether you want durability for physical protection or just general security purposes, what type of permanent locking system you may require and if any additional performance requirements should be considered. We recommend that you visit our showroom to browse through our many styles and options or book a free consultation and quote before making your final decision.


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