Zipscreen Blinds are a Great Choice for the Sunshine Coast

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Images from installation in Maroochydore, Queensland May 2023

Zipscreen blinds are a great choice for the Sunshine Coast, Queensland weather, as they offer protection from the sun, wind, rain, and insects without compromising the view or privacy. These outdoor blinds (also referred to as awnings) are designed to withstand the harsh Australian elements, making them wind-resistant, insect-resistant, coastal approved, and offering UV protection. Additionally, Zipscreen blinds are suitable for residential homes, businesses, outdoor areas like verandahs and decks, and pool areas.

Features of Zipscreen Blinds include:

  • Durable fabrics: The fabrics used in Zipscreen blinds are manufactured to suit Australian conditions, ensuring durability and an attractive appearance for many years.
  • Extensive range of styles & designs: Zipscreen channels can be powder coated to match your outdoor decor, offering a wide variety of customisation options.
  • Technically superior materials: Zipscreen blinds are made from components engineered to withstand Australia’s harsh conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • Control: Zipscreen blinds are designed for ease of use, eliminating the need for ropes, pulleys, or zippers. Users can choose between simple spring-operated systems or motorised options for added convenience.

Zipscreen: The Ultimate Protection on the Sunshine Coast

Experience the ultimate protection from the unforgiving Australian elements – the sun’s scorching rays, relentless winds, pouring rain, and bothersome insects. Zipscreen stands as the unrivaled leader, offering a comprehensive selection of outdoor awnings and coverings that guarantee your tranquility.

Zipscreens are Manufactured in Australia

Crafted and manufactured right here in Australia, Zipscreen caters to any alfresco, verandah, or balcony application, catering to the extreme conditions of our environment while addressing your privacy needs. It’s more than a mere shading solution; it’s an integral component of a modern coastal lifestyle. With cutting-edge technologies and innovative designs, Zipscreen has continuously evolved over the past three decades, providing comfort and style to countless Australian homes and businesses.

Custom-fitted and Installed by the Zipscreen Experts on the Sunshine Coast

Leave the task of finding the perfect Zipscreen solution to the expert team at Harlequin Blinds. With their specialised consultation, they’ll guide you in making the ideal choice, tailored to your home or business requirements.

Dive into a world of endless possibilities as you explore a vast array of colors, mesh materials, and operation options, including automation through motorized, spring-operated, or crank mechanisms. The transformative combinations know no bounds, effortlessly turning any outdoor area from underutilized to the epitome of comfort, all thanks to the unobtrusive and functional Zipscreen Awnings.

Zipscreens – Choose from Manual or Fully Motorised Options

Choose between manual control, motorisation, or full automation, depending on your preference and budget. For cost-effective options on the Sunshine Coast, opt for hand-operated Zipscreens, effortlessly managed through a spring system or convenient crank configuration. Elevate your experience with motorized screens, introducing a touch of sophistication and ease through the Automate FT motor, granting you control at the touch of a button.

Embrace the future of smart living with Zipscreen’s integration into the digital realm. Discover a range of fully automated awning options, seamlessly controlled via your smartphone or supported home operation systems like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Regardless of your location, be it miles away or cozied up on the couch, effortlessly adjust your Zipscreens with a simple swipe or voice command.

Zipscreen’s Exclusive Hidden z-LOCK Technology

Immerse yourself in the ingenuity of Zipscreen’s Hidden z-LOCK Technology. This groundbreaking design showcases meticulous attention to detail, achieving a complete seal between the awnings and sides through a welded zip and fabric system ingeniously guided, fastened, and secured within the side channels. Say goodbye to exposed zips, flapping awnings, unwanted gaps, and the intrusion of insects. Embrace the epitome of sleek functionality and seamless integration.

Unlock the potential of your outdoor space by booking a complimentary measure and quote with the esteemed team at Harlequin Blinds today. Experience firsthand the transformative power of Zipscreen in elevating your coastal lifestyle.

Contact our Team for Expert Zipscreen Installations on the Sunshine Coast

To find out which Zipscreen blinds are right for you, contact Harlequin Blinds and Security. They offer high-quality indoor and outdoor blinds on the Sunshine Coast, specialising in custom blind installations. You can reach them through their contact page.