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For high quality indoor and outdoor blinds on the Sunshine Coast, look no further than the master blinds manufacturers and custom blind installers at Harlequin Blinds & Security.

Supporting locals with purpose-built blinds and awnings suited to the Sunshine Coasts climate, Harlequin take pride in crafting beautiful blinds that last. Reach out to our team today to discuss your indoor and outdoor shade needs. If it’s blinds, we’re you’re one-stop shop on the Sunshine Coast.

Aluminium Venetians Sunshine Coast

Harlequin’s Aluminium Venetians are a classical, refreshing and practical alternative to both modern and traditional architecture. Venetians are the most functional and enduring blind in the Harlequin Blinds and Security range. There is a colour and slat style to suite all decorating situations and budgets.

Both fashionable and functional, Harlequin Blinds and Security Venetians provide light control and optimum versatility. With a simple twist you can control the light, view and temperature. The blinds can also be easily raised to lock into any position.

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Venetian Blinds
Honeycomb Blinds2
Cellular Blinds Sunshine Coast

Cellular Blinds are one of the most efficient and insulating internal blind options. This simple fact is driving more customers to consider this option for their homes and businesses. Honeycomb blinds are made with pleated cellular fabric which creates a pocket of air as an insulator.

Harlequin’s Honeycomb blinds are available in both Blockout and Light Filtering fabric types. The blind can be installed in the reveal or on face and be raised using a corded or cordless system.

Discover the best blinds Sunshine Coast wide. Visit it us in-store today!

Panel Glide Blinds Sunshine Coast

Our Panel Glide Blind system provides a contemporary method of obtaining privacy and sun protection. By using large panel blinds, the product can suit a minimalist decorating style and can be used in conjunction with Roman Blinds.

Harlequin’s Panel Glide Blinds are created from flat fabric panels attached to a simple head rail system using roller-mounted carriers that result in a light weight and easy operation. The fabric panels can then be drawn sideways using either a cord or wand operating system.

Roller Blinds 2
Roller Blinds 4
Roller Blinds Sunshine Coast

Harlequin’s Roller Blinds – also known as Holland Blinds – are a practical and affordable window covering solution for both your home and office.

Our Roller Blinds can be operated using traditional spring operation or easy to use chain drive mechanism – or for the ultimate in modern living, they can even be motorised and operated using remote control, switch or timer controls.

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Roman Blinds Sunshine Coast

Make your home look like a display home! For a contemporary look that combines soft fabric panels with a functional operating system, Harlequin’s Roman Blinds (also known as Roman Shades) are the ideal window covering solution for your home.

The translucent finish of our Roman Blinds creates a soft, filtered light effect whilst providing good levels of privacy. By utilising a blockout fabric this will allow even greater light control and privacy while maintaing the elegant look of the blind.

For the very best Roman Blinds on the Sunshine Coast, trust the experts at Harlequin to upgrade your home!

Roman Blinds Sunshine Coast for Dining Area
Sunscreen Blinds in Sunshine Coast
Sunscreen Blinds Sunshine Coast

The open weave of the Harlequin Blinds and Security Sunscreen range can add a relaxed look to any room. They create the attractive contemporary look of open living.

Harlequin’s Sunscreen Blinds are highly versatile particularly for large windows and where the outdoor view is to be maintained. Harlequin Blinds and Security Sunscreen Blinds can be chain operated or motorised and raised and lowered at the touch of a button or remote control.

Discover the best blinds Sunshine Coast wide. Visit it us in-store today!

Timber Venetian Blinds Sunshine Coast

Harlequin Blinds and Security Timber Venetians are a classical, refreshing and natural alternative to both modern and traditional architecture. Venetians are the most functional and enduring blind in the Harlequin Blinds and Security range. There are styles to suite all decorating situations and budgets.

Harlequin Blinds and Security combines the elegance and style of a natural timber grain appearance with the affordable durability of synthetic blades to create a unique Venetian Blind System. There is nothing quite as captivating as windows and doors dressed with Harlequin’s Timber Venetians!

Timber Venetian
Should blinds be lighter or darker than walls?
While blinds should generally be close to the same colour as the walls, there are a few scenarios when it might be better to go one shade lighter or darker. For instance, if your wall colour is on the cooler side of the spectrum, you could get window treatments in a warmer shade to create balance. You can also experiment with textures such as woven or roller styles; this can add an interesting dynamic to an otherwise static palette. Ultimately, it is best to consider both shapes and hues when choosing blinds for your room, since they have the power to turn a just-okay area into something special that truly stands out.
Which blinds are easiest to maintain?
For people looking for blinds that are easy to maintain, the decision comes down to aluminium, PVC, and faux wood over fabric. All of these materials are strong and durable, so they are not easily damaged if they get wet. The main challenge when cleaning these types of blinds is that each slat has to be wiped down or vacuumed individually. However, if you are after blinds with little upkeep required, these types are a great option.
Should all the blinds in your house be the same colour?
No, you do not need to choose one colour for all the interior blinds in your house. However, if you are giving your home exterior a “facelift,” one of the first things people notice is the window treatments. Choosing to match all the external blinds or shutters of your house creates a look of uniformity that adds to its curbside appeal and resale price. So, before swapping out all existing shades, think about how it will affect both interior décor and exterior personality to create a balance that works for both.
Do blinds make your house warmer?
Yes, blinds can provide an effective way to insulate your home and keep the warmth in during cooler outdoor temperatures (or heat out during hotter months). The best technique is to measure and install the blinds correctly, creating a layer of air between the fabric and window. This keeps warm air trapped inside, as opposed to escaping through the windowsill. For optimal use on sunny winter days, pull up the blinds so that sunlight can be absorbed during daylight hours.


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